St Mary’s Church Cleobury Mortimer

Information bulletin in lieu of the PCC Meeting which was to have been held on Thursday 27 January 2022

1          Minutes of the meeting held on 18 November 2021 will be approved at the next meeting.  This information bulletin will be signed and filed with minutes as part of the PCC record.

2          Finance (CT)

The Finance Report has already been circulated.

3          Pastoral Care Group

The work of the group is on-going and currently very much in demand with many post-covid problems affecting those in our community.  The Drop Ins have continued and are valued by those who come.  We plan to keep these going during the year.   I have been doing some work with CAP (Christians against Poverty) and visiting on a pastoral level and this is much needed work and may be something that some members of the team may take up in due course.

4          Youth and family work (CK)

Please see attached report from Mark Greaves.

5          Safeguarding

It is good to report that virtually everyone in the Benefice who need to do DBS checks and safeguarding training have now completed these variously.  There have been no incidents to report over the last 2 months.

6          Any other business

Annual report (CK): I will be co-ordinating the annual report and will need the following reports from PCC members:

·         Rector’s report (WAB)

·         Churchwardens’ report (ES/NH)

·         Treasurer’s report and accounts (CT)

The other sections are down to me to provide or chase up outside the PCC. Although the AGM isn’t until 28 April, I’d like to have the reports with me by the end of February if possible as there’s quite a lot of formatting to do to produce the final document. I appreciate that production of the accounts may be determined by the independent examiner’s timetable.

Church clock (CK): I have just, last night, received a report and estimate from Cumbria Clocks. I haven’t had time to digest it properly, but the headline figures are £5380 to restore the clock, and a further £4822 to convert it to automatic winding, both sums exclusive of VAT.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (ES): There will be a flower festival in church over the bank holidays and weekend in June (2nd – 5th) with teas served in church during the day.  Ideas are being gathered for other activities and one put forward was a tea/picnic round the church on the Saturday (say 5pm – 7pm) with the planting of a tree.  However this depends on what else is being organised in the town over the weekend, as the Cleobury Festival is also taking place, and decisions will be made when that information is to hand.  The service on Sunday will contain the appropriate prayers etc for the occasion.

9          Next meeting

            This is scheduled for Thursday 17 March 2022.  Despite this being Ashley’s birthday, I hope we shall be able to meet as scheduled!





Chairman………………………………………….           Date…………………….






Treasurers Report January 2022


We have paid Parish Share as promised for 2021.

We have no outstanding invoices, but I do expect more oil bills. Also in the current climate we don’t know how much utilities will increase.

The Farmers Market continues to be a steady income. We received from Clare Todd £626. being table rent for 9 months.

HSBC have started to charge us for every cheque we pay in plus a % of cash paid in.

Hannah is exploring the possibility of transferring to Lloyds Bank, which would more convenient for her.

I continue to thank everyone for their financial support during the past two difficult years.

The books are with Lyn Martin our accountant.

Our first Parish Share payment of £5000 is due on 1st March




Bank Account          £28686.00  

Restricted Funds    £16250.00              

Balance                     £12436.00