Meeting of the PCC held on Thursday 18th January 2024 at 7.30pm in the Market Hall,

Cleobury Mortimer




Present: Ashley Buck (AB, Chair), Francesca Boufarouj, (FB, Secretary), Liz Smith (LS), Carol Turner (CT), Linda Lambert, (LL), Sunila Fernando (SF), Hannah Coleman (HC)

Apologies for absence: Sarah Wilde (SW), Ina Hodgson (IH), Nigel Hodgson (NH), Barbara Martin (BM)


1.       Opening prayer

No objections to minutes 16th November (proposed by LS, seconded by LL)


2.       Matters Arising:

Choir- LS updated the PCC on new choir arrangements and the new choirmaster, Helena.

There are 6 new members of the choir. LS advised we need to purchase 8-10 choir books for new members. Money for these can come from choir designated fund but there may be a surplus required from the general fund.


Inventory- LL was concerned that items listed lacked detail, but LS confirmed that NH has photographed all items. AB signed NH’s report (circulated with agenda). Accepting report proposed by LL, seconded by LS.


3.       Budget, Finance, Fundraising

HC updated the PCC on current financials. Expected figures in the last budget update will become actual shortly and will be updated accordingly. The Diocese has contacted us about tithe income. A decision on what to be done about tithe income will follow when information from the Diocese comes through.


4.       Maintenance

Nothing to report.


5.       Pastoral Care

LS updated. Drop ins continue to go well and support several people. Post-funeral visits are continuing. AB expressed his thanks to all involved in Pastoral Care Group.


6.       Pastoral Matters

Nothing to report.


7.       Youth and Family Work

Bishop’s Mission Order- the order was circulated to the PCC along with the agenda. AB noted that it formalises what The Hub has been doing for several years. AB noted the link between Hub is with the Parish of Cleobury Mortimer, not the Benefice. AB doesn’t believe this will cause any issues.


8.       Deanery Synod

Nothing to report.


9.       Safeguarding

Nothing to report.


10.   Church Development Group

Hasn’t yet met.


11.   AOB

AB informed the PCC that the church office is in negotiation with the phone provider regarding digitalisation of landlines. Sam Dolphin has asked if a landline is required, as mobile will be cheaper. FB to look into call diversion services and VoIP phones and report to AB and Sam.


LL noted that the lectern microphone needs to be moved to the other side so that readers can be heard better.


12.   Date of next PCC meeting

21st March 2024

AGM on 25th April at 7pm


Meeting closed at 8.05pm.