St Mary’s Church, Cleobury Mortimer

Minutes of the PCC meeting held on Thursday 21st March 2024 at 7.30pm in the Market Hall.

Present: Liz Smith, Ina Hodgson, Nigel Hodgson, Francesca Boufarouj, Hannah Coleman

1. Opening prayer: the meeting was opened with a prayer by Liz Smith.

2. Apologies for absence: Linda Lambert, Carol Turner, Sarah Wilde, Sunila Fernando, Barbara Martin.

3. Approval of Minutes of meeting held on 18th January 2023: no objections to minutes of last meeting (proposed by HC, seconded by FB)

4. Matters arising 

NH asked for an update on the Benefice office phone. FB explained the reason for the phone upgrade and the options for retaining a landline number. 

5. Finance / Budget / Fundraising (HC)

Tithe income- HC discussed options for receiving this (to receive this and spend within restriction, or allow it to be held by HDBC for us). HC to submit form to request income. (proposed by NH, seconded by ES)

Tower project- Chris Kippin is working to claim VAT back on invoices for staircase and bell ropes.

Balance- HC drew attention to the figure and said we need to be mindful of this figure.

Charitable giving- suggestions for charities to be requested from the congregation (message on pew sheet). HC to action this.

6. Maintenance ( NH )

Heating project- outstanding items now completed and paid for. Project now fully complete.

Fire extinguisher and PAT testing due. These have been budgeted for. 

Lights will need fixing in near future as they are flickering and going out. Friends of Cleobury Mortimer Benefice have offered to pay for this (funding maintenance is included in their constitution).

7. Pastoral Care ( LS )

LS updated. Several people currently being supported with home communions. Drop ins continue and provide support to a few local people. 

NH asked about funeral visits. LS confirmed post-funeral phone calls are taking place to next of kin 6 week-2 months after funerals. These seem to be appreciated. LS confirmed there is also a plan to do the same thing and follow up after baptisms when these take place.

8. Pastoral Matters ( NH and LS )

Nigel informed the PCC of the meeting with St. Elizabeth's Catholic church and the plan to work more closely with local churches of other denominations. 

LS informed of plans to have a joint service for Pentecost with St. Elizabeth's and any other churches that can get involved.

9. Youth and Family work ( LS and NH )

AB is increasing work with the local schools. St George's Day service with the uniformed services to take place on 21st April.

10. Deanery Synod


NH advised we should try to get reps at AGM.

11. Safeguarding ( LS )

Nothing to report.

12. Church Development Group  ( NH ) 

Chris’ report for Tower project received by PCC. PCC extends its thanks to Chris for his work on the project.

Group hasn't met but NH advised they do need to start thinking about an architect from Diocese approved list for any future projects and quinquennial next year.

13. Any Other Business

New PCC members- HC asked about numbers: vacancies, who is willing to join.  

14. Date of Next Meeting and Closing Prayer 

PCC: 16th May 2024

AGM: 25th April 2024

Provisional dates for the rest of 2024/2025 (to be agreed)

18th July 2024

19th September 2024

21st November 2024

16th January 2025

20 March 2025

AGM: 24th April 2025

Meeting closed at 20:32 with the Grace.