Meeting of the PCC held on Thursday 16th November 2023 at 7.30pm in the Market Hall, Cleobury Mortimer


Present:Liz Smith (LS, Chair), Francesca Boufarouj (FB, Secretary), Hannah Coleman (HC,

minutes), Sunila Fernando (SF), Ina Hodgson (IH), Nigel Hodgson (NH), Linda Lambert (LL) and

Sarah Wilde (SW).

1. Opening prayer

LS welcomed all to the meeting and led the prayer.

SF had stood down as PCC secretary but remained an active member of the PCC. IH

proposed, SW seconded and it was agreed to appoint FB as the new PCC Secretary. Thanks

were extended to SF and FB.

2. Apologies for absence

Apologies had been received from Ashley Buck (AB), Barbera Martin (BM) and Carol Turner


3. Minutes of the last meeting

LL proposed, SF seconded and it was agreed to approve and sign the minutes of the meeting

held on 14th September 2023.

4. Matters arising

The tower had been cleared and SMYP had collected items they wished to take. Any

remaining items were due to be removed. It was suggested the two sound speakers could

be offered to a good home for a small donation. They would be advertised.

The Beer Festival 2024 dates of 27th and 28th September had been agreed. Plans and

arrangements were underway.

The clergy rota was being reviewed for after Christmas as there was a shortfall to cover all

services in the Benefice. Options were being explored.

5. Finance report and draft budget

LL proposed, SW seconded and it was agreed to adopt the budget 2024. The budget group

would continue to monitor and report to the PCC. Thanks were extended to the budget group

for their work on preparing this.

The Men’s Shed had undertaken recent work on the noticeboard and given their time free of

charge. Thanks had been passed to them.

6. Maintenance

There was a need for a maintenance group to help relieve the workload of day-to-day

maintenance in the church. This would be publicised in the new year.

A diary/calendar of works was being drawn up.

7. Pastoral care

The team continued to be busy with home communions and the drop-in sessions.

8. Pastoral matters

There were no updates available for this meeting.