Thoughts on lockdown

Most of you who know me would probably say that I was a Martha.

I have always been a busy person and a “joiner” over my adult life I have served on countless committees and been involved in groups such as brownies and even amateur dramatics.

I have looked after my family, had dinner parties, friends to stay, cared for ailing parents and so on for many years.

Well, this virus has brought me up short and like many of us I have had time to ponder and come to terms with being alone for long periods of time, deprived of my family and friends and also learning more about what makes me tick.

It has brought home to me how much this world has shrunk during my lifetime,

How travel, especially air travel has become the norm, as we have seen causing pollution and damaging our lovely planet.

How the use of technology has brought both good and bad influences into our lives.

There have been many positives to come out of this extraordinary time and we have seen millions of people using the gifts God gave them to help us.

As usual the negatives seem to do dominate the headlines but we are taught that love is the one thing that matters.

We are lucky to live here in Cleobury and our church family together with other folk have come together to look after one another.

During this last week I have found it hard to love some of my fellow men, but I must try to become a Mary. You can find the story in the gospel of Luke chapter 10

I have found during lockdown and joining our Zoom services that I can become a Mary. I am not distracted, alone at home, I can concentrate on the service and what is being taught.

In normal times I love being a server, I personally think it a privilege , we all serve each other as Christ came to serve us.

But perhaps during this time I have learned that it is good to be a Mary.

God Bless