Christ is Risen!

 He is risen indeed, Alleluia!


With these words, we acclaim the triumph of Easter, and the reclamation of life by Christ, our Saviour.  Christ’s mission of healing, and bringing the message of the Kingdom was completed. It was now the turn of His disciples to carry the task of reconciliation to a broken world. This has been an unusual time for all, and the tasks of healing, and bringing hope are as important, and pressing as ever.


The story of the road to Emmaus, gives a wonderful example of how to bring healing to the heartbroken and distressed. The risen Christ stayed with the travellers, listening, and explaining, and it was in the celebration of the breaking of bread that they came to realize that far from being lost, their lives now had meaning and purpose in the work they faced ahead of them.


None of knows what lies ahead in the coming days and weeks. But we do know that many will be upset, confused and sorrowful about the consequences of lock down and Coronavirus. Whist lock-down continues, now is the time for us to keep in touch with each other, those around us, and to pray for healing and hope. We are here, and we ask you to pray with us, as we engage in our purpose of prayer.


May you stay safe, well and hopeful, as we look ahead, and may Christ inspire you and bring you peace.


In the love of Christ,


The Clergy Team.