The Victory of the Resurrection


Today we celebrate, in the most extraordinary of circumstances, the Paschal triumph of Christ over the powers of darkness. At a moment when life has become abruptly shadowed by a virus which brings in train with it fear and separation, Easter this year suddenly interrupts a story which has been grim so far with an arresting news-flash of hope, and of faith vindicated.


Jesus’ victory over death is first and foremost a victory over biological death, an individual triumph first, but then a cosmic one in which his resurrection opens the way to eternal life for all of us and points the way to the coming in of the Kingdom of God itself.


In this resurrection Kingdom all is being transformed, in a universal metamorphosis, persons, souls, will shine in splendour as Jesus, Moses and Elijah shone on the Holy Mountain at the moment of Transfiguration. Creation itself will be redeemed as the prophet Isaiah foresaw on his vision of the Holy Mountain, were all creatures dwell in harmony. We now share in that splendour and glory.


Most importantly of all, victory over death is also victory over spiritual death, which in our ordinary lives imprisons us daily, and which, left to ourselves would hold us forever in chains. It is victory over Hell. It is victory over isolation, isolation from God and isolation from our fellow humanity. From now on, if we enter into this mystery, no-one shall be separated from God, no-one separated from their neighbour. Eternal life has broken into this world which has been a fortress of pain and death until now; and now that realm of darkness, created by misuse of our free-will long ago has been opened up to light, and a royal way made for us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, by freely choosing to enter into union with Christ.


Happy Easter, Christ is risen indeed, Alleluia!