The Hereford Diocese is  partnering with Citizens UK who will support us to quickly, safely and caringly identify and settle Ukrainian refugees under the Government’s new ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme.

This offer is open to all who wish to offer accommodation, whether churchgoers or not. Importantly, the offer is also open if you have already identified someone in the Ukraine but would like support with form-filling, travel, support once people arrive, etc. It is worth noting that Citizens UK are working closely with Sanctuary/Reset, who have set up the online portal for matching hosts to people in the Ukraine. Although Citizens UK plan to use the connections and opportunities they are developing to help us identify Ukrainian refugees through a separate route, you are very welcome to also register with Sanctuary/Reset to identify a refugee/family to come to you, but please do also keep in touch for support.

- The Diocese wish to identify accommodation/hosts and be clear on the size of family that each host can support, and to then provide a warm welcome and ongoing support once people arrive.

- Citizens UK will use new connections and opportunities that they are developing to help us identify people and match them to hosts.

- Matched hosts and refugees will need to complete the paperwork themselves.

- Citizens UK will then work with us and with the matched refugees to arrange travel, safeguarding checks, source translators if necessary and provide training on how to best support both hosts and refugees.

Please can all enquiries be channelled through Liz Smith, 01299 489135


Some additional websites that potential hosts can sign up on, in parallel with going through Citizens UK.   We are all conscious that many people in Ukraine are in urgent situations and also that what we have to offer in Herefordshire and South Shropshire will suit some perfectly, but won’t be for others. So, maximizing our opportunities for reaching those for whom what we have to offer meets their needs seems to make sense.

There are no guarantees but the following websites seem to be set up in a safe way, and to be generating useful contacts.

1        Reset:

2        Opora:

3        Ukraine Take Shelter:


People are advised to steer away from Facebook/other social media – there have been increasing reports of difficulties with that route, for example people pretending to be someone they’re not.