The over-riding thing to bear in mind with all of this and particularly in terms of arranging the meeting is that most people are in quite desperate situations and it is really important to them to have some certainty about where they are going, so keeping things moving quickly is both kind and important.

The main purpose of the meeting is to meet one another face-to-face and begin a conversation. Hopefully, people will feel able to decide then if they wish to go ahead with the visa application.

 Conversations go in different ways because they’re about ‘getting to know you’ but some questions that can be helpful to get things going are:

  • Asking about & sharing own interests
  • Asking about & sharing information about family
  • Asking about & sharing about the types of jobs hosts & guests have done
  • Sometimes, it can break the ice for the translator/you to invite the hosts and guests to introduce themselves to one another
  • Once the ice is broken, you may want to ask your potential guests to tell you a little about their current situation (where they are currently, when they left Ukraine, etc.) – this may be an upsetting conversation for some so be aware of and sensitive to that, but it is really helpful for you in understanding where they are coming from

 Sometimes, hosts do a little tour of their house, walking round and showing on-screen if they have a laptop, or screen-share some photos.

 At the end of the meeting:

  • Agree whether everyone feels comfortable and wants to go ahead with the visa application, or if they would like some time to think about it
  • Explain that the next step is then to do the visa application
  • Encourage hosts and guests to email/WhatsApp/whatever works for them regularly to keep in touch


  • If everyone wants to go ahead, the next step is to do the visa application; there is a whole load more guidance about that so let me know when you get to that stage and I will send that straight over (or happy to send it over pre-emptively if you prefer)







The link to begin the application is here:

 Information from Ukrainian guests

Scan of the main page of their passports

Confirm date left Ukraine (for everyone, they need to prove they were resident in Ukraine prior to 1st January 2022)

Photo/Scan showing something proving when left Ukraine with date on it e.g. exit stamp in passport, flight details e.g. electronic ticket

Address in Ukraine – proof of this (e.g. electronic bank statement if don’t have physical documents)

Marriage certificate, if relevant, and ideally (may get away without this but better if have it)

Name, date of birth (this will be on the passport)

Email address

Information from UK hosts


Proof of address e.g. driving license

Tips for completing the form

You need to do separate applications for each person who is coming

There will be questions on the application about the whole group who are coming together but don’t let this mislead you into thinking you don’t need to do separate forms for all of them – you definitely do

The form can be saved and returned to – you don’t have to complete it all at once

Watch very carefully who the questionnaire is asking about as it is not always immediately clear and it is vital you respond about the right person

At the end, you will need to upload the documents mentioned above – make sure you have all the scans saved in a convenient place on your hard drive to upload quickly.


If guests have an international passport, they don’t need to go to a biometric centre. However, the form will not let you continue without saying which biometric centre they would go to if needed – you probably want to say Warsaw