We ring the bells before the 1000 Sunday morning service each week, from 0925 to 0955, and practise on Tuesdays between 1900 and 2030.  We are always pleased to welcome new members, whether experienced ringers on those wishing to learn.  For further information please contact Chris Kippin on 01299 270601 or Ed Lupton on 01299 832622


History of the bells


The six bells were cast in1757 by Abel Rudhall of Gloucester, one of the famous Rudhall family who cast bells from the last decade of the 17th century to the 1820s. The bells were originally hung in a wooden frame in the base of the spire. Part of that frame was retained in situ when the bells were restored in 1925 by Gillett & Johnston of Croydon. The bells were taken to the Croydon foundry, the  treble re-cast and the remaining five re-tuned. They were rehung in a massive H-section cast-iron frame lower in the tower, just below the level of the louvre windows. After 75 years of use, they received further professional attention from Nicholson Engineering of Bridport. This included

  • The removal of cast-in crown staples from bells 2-6 which should have been removed during the  1925 restoration.
  • Re-hanging the bells on new ball bearings, adjusting the swing times to bring them into proper alignment.
  • Restoration of the clappers by re-profiling the balls, adjusting the hanging radii and fitting new bushes.
  • Fitting new slider running boards.
  • Fitting a double pulley, drilling a new rope hole and removing the old rope guide for the 2nd to improve handling.

This work returned the bells to excellent condition and ensured their continuing reputation as  an excellent ring by bellringers.


In 2022, as part of the Tower Project, the 1925 bell frame was stripped down and re-painted by Nicholson Engineering. 


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